Imaging Systems of LA Site Survey


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  4. Do you have industry specific software?

  5. What Operating Systems will the imager be installed on?
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  7. Is there an open working network jack within 6ft?

  8. Do all computers have working CD ROM drives?

  9. Do wish to SCAN TO EMAIL?

  10. The next 2 fields must be filled out in order to set up SCAN TO EMAIL.
  11. If mail server requires authentication, please put username and password in notes below.
  12. Do you wish to be able to FAX from the PC?(Requires the Fax Expansion Kit)

  13. Do you wish to use Inbound Fax Routing?

  14. Network installations and reconfigurations are performed free of charge within the first 30 days of imager install. Any network configurations after the 30 days are subject to charge unless Connectivity Contract is purchased.

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